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Canal Quintescia coloris Sarment

Canal Quintescia coloris Sarment
    • Picture of the Canal Quintescia  clay tile
      Canal Quintescia clay tile photo
      A colour for every
    • Preserving the essence

      Our old buildings bear the history and cultural heritage of the Gironde and to preserve the essence of these ancient dwellings and their tiles, ravaged by time, we have created the Canal Quintescia. Available on special order only

      • Sarment
    • Reveal your true colours

      Because the old roofs of the Bordeaux wineries have such a strong identity, the Sarment colour of the Canal Quintescia range is rich, vivid, full of contrasts. It combines elegance and the finest colours of the landscape, from the red of the vine to the brown of the earth, the white of the saltpetre and the grey of the lichens. A mix of colours, drawn from the vineyards of the region, which recreates the spirit of the old wineries, with a random speckled coating, bringing together several shades and opening up a whole host of possibilities.

    • IMERYS Roof tiles clay tile: Canal Quintescia
      IMERYS Roof tiles clay tile: Canal Quintescia
    • clay tiles : the Canal Quintescia  tile
      Clay tiles : the Canal Quintescia tile
    • Truly a tile of old

      Carefully crafted to fit in perfectly with the old roofs of the Bordelais, the Canal Quintescia offers you the quality and guarantees of a new tile. This tile is produced at St Geours d'Auribat in the Landes, from high quality clays and with the backing of all the experience and know-howof the Poudenx team.

    • Each tile is unique.

      In fact, the surface of each tile is streaked in order to recreate the look of salvaged tiles. The irregular edge and a good thickness of tile are important details which remind us yet again of those tiles of yesteryear. An antiqued look has even been achieved by an industrial process of random powdering allied to a white coating, in a bid to recapture the spirit of those old Bordeaux wineries.

    • clay tile photo: Canal Quintescia  IMERYS Roof tiles
      Clay tile Canal Quintescia IMERYS Roof tiles photo


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General characteristics

Interlock none
Installation none
Maximum gauge null
Overall length of tile 492 mm
Overall width of tile 180 mm
Unit weight per tile 2.1 kg
Coverage/m2 @ max gauge 12.4 to 13.5 depending on overlap
French codes of Practice 40-22
Production sites St Geours d'Auribat
Tile reference 413
Linear metres of battens/square metre with indication of gauge R=140mm gauge: 352mm=2.83 l.m. R=150mm gauge: 342mm=2.92 l.m. R=160mm gauge: 332mm=3.01 l.m. R=170mm gauge: 322mm=3.10 l.m.



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