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ALPHA 10 Ste Foy

Successful performer

Alpha 10 Ste Foy coloris Rouge Nuancé

Alpha 10 Ste Foy coloris Rouge Nuancé
    • Picture of the Alpha 10 Ste Foy clay tile
      Alpha 10 Ste Foy clay tile photo
      A colour for every
    • A popular tile

      The Alpha 10 Ste Foy is a large format clay tile. It is an interlocking tile with a flat surface. It is produced at Ste Foy l'Argentiere in the Rhone valley. Available on special order only

      • Slate
      • Chevreuse
      • Natural Red
      • Rouge Ancien
      • Rouge Nuancé
      • Sérac
      • Brown
    • clay tiles : the Alpha 10 Ste Foy tile
      Clay tiles : the Alpha 10 Ste Foy tile
    • Highly recommended

      The dimensions of the Alpha 10 Ste Foy and its ease of installation have ensured it of an ever increasing success. The tile is now beginning to spread beyond its native region to take over new territory. From now on, roofs are being built using Alpha 10 Ste Foy, in Rhone-Alpes, Burgundy, Franche-Comte, Alsace and as far away as the Ile-de-France.

    • Boundless

      The popularity of the Alpha 10 Ste Foy has extended beyond its native region and has exceeded the production capacity of the Rhone site. From now on, in order to respond to increasing demand and to respect the environment by limiting transportation, the factory at Quincieux in Rhone-Alpes will provide extra manufacturing capacity of the Alpha 10 Ste Foy.

    • clay tile photo: Alpha 10 Ste Foy IMERYS Roof tiles
      Clay tile Alpha 10 Ste Foy IMERYS Roof tiles photo


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General characteristics

Interlock Double
Installation Broken bonded
Maximum gauge from 330mm mini to 370mm maxi
Overall length of tile 455 mm
Overall width of tile 310 mm
Cover width 270 mm
Unit weight per tile 4.4 kg
Coverage/m2 @ max gauge 10,5
French codes of Practice 40-211
Production sites Ste Foy l'Argentière
Tile reference 200
Linear metres of battens/square metre with indication of gauge Minimum gauge of 330mm=3.00 l.m. Average gauge of 350mm=2.86 l.m. Maximum gauge of 370mm=2.70 l.m.



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